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At our base level, we really enjoy making things.  Whether we're creating life size shipping container dioramas for Starbucks, tiny worlds inside lightbulbs or making chicken costumes, we're at home in the world of fabrication.  For Gate's Notes, Dana was tasked to create a mosquito costume for Mosquito Week 2018.  

Yikes, that's one scary mosquito!

Mosquito Week 1.png
Mosquito Week 2.png

We love to work and create for all types of platforms.  This past year we collaborated with Somelab to highlight three cities included in the Urban Renaissance family, Denver, Portland and Seattle.  We spent several days in each city capturing a feel for what they represent.  The films were then integrated into a new website that Somelab created for Urban Renaissance.  Each time your browser's refreshed a new city appears.  Pretty cool.

Our studio is a full service stills and motion studio located near Gas Works Park in Seattle.  It's great for photography and insert motion production work.  

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Dana Thompson-Carver
Kyle Carver
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